with brian crabtree, carlos rosas, tim kiefer, robert dansby, corey marc fogel, pre (peter segerstrom), ryan breen
Date & Time
July 30, 2004, 8pm
Machine Project

Friends and computer music and new media and experimental hip-hop and fresh orange juice: prompt/select (the law of cosines sleeps in a tent outside my house)

a nonlinear presentation of diverse artists employing a huge mound of adorable noise objects (including but not limited to custom hardware and software, fashionable computers, gameboy, contact mics, drums, projection, and random junk we got on ebay).

robert dansby +++
carlos rosas +++

tim kiefer +++
corey marc fogel +++
ryan breen +++
pre (peter segerstrom) +++
brian crabtree +++

you will love it, because everyone loves machine.
and everybody loves machine because everybody loves mark allen.
and we will webcast live, thanks to machine’s super mean web camera server thing.
and we really will have fresh orange juice, made in front of you.


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