Untitled War by Brody Condon
with Brody Condon
Date & Time
July 17, 2004, 6pm–8pm
Machine Project

Untitled War is the latest project by artist and uber-gamer Brody Condon.

Working in the mystical confluence of contemporary art practice, 3D games, and historical combat reenactment, Mr. Condon’s work is engaged in locating and fabricating situations and visual works where computer games and game culture leak outside of the gaming box and into lived experience. In Untitled War, Condon’s ongoing work on SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) culminates in a full-contact battle royale staged inside of Machine Project, located in Echo Park Los Angeles.

Untitled War is aa medieval battle staged inside the gallery space. Armored warriors will engage in gut wrenching, full-contact combat with assorted melee weapons.Untitled War is a performative event combining fantasy role-playing, fabricated history, extreme sports, and computer games. Warriors from various historical periods from the SCA will endure an ongoing First Person Shooter Game-style Deathmatch battle. Live camera views (similar to the spectator camera views found in online FPS games) will be streamed online and projected next door at the Echo Park Film Center, creating a game-like viewing experience for those outside the space.

Untitled War is the first one man staging of a Medieval battle in Los Angeles by Mr. Condon, a former member of the SCA. Mr. Condon’s personal and collaborative work has recently been exhibited at the 2004 Whitney Biennial, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and the New Museum of Contemporary Art.

Thanks to SCA and the Echo Park Film Center for their generous support.