Experience the Experience of a Brick of Coke
with monochrom
Date & Time
June 21
Machine Project

Sugar has always been expensive enough that in a variety of cultures and eras it has even been used as a medium of exchange.

In Europe sugar was first introduced around the year 600, and it reached England via the Mediterranean region in the 11th century — of course as a luxury good reserved for the ruling class. The first recorded delivery of slaves (to Lagos, Portugal in 1444) was intended for sugar cultivation on Portugal’s Atlantic islands. In order to provide sufficient “personnel” for the colonies overseas, the slave trade was promoted intensively.

Sugar was in part responsible for the development of the gigantic preindustrial bureaucratic mercantile system of “prosperity.” Refined white sugar was the symbol of European conquest and of century-long repression and colonial dependency. Sugar still dominates the Western meal plan as the main energy provider. The “former” tropical colonies are still ruled by the multinational concerns of the sugar industry. Coca-Cola is the largest seller on the world market. monochrom is going to put several gallons of Coca-Cola into a pot and boil it down until the residue left behind can be molded into a brick. A symbolic endeavor!