Experience the Experience of a Magnetism Party
with monochrom
Date & Time
June 18
Machine Project

Electromagnetic data carriers are subject to the influences of time. Errors thus accumulate, due to mechanical influences, chemical influences, thermic influences, influences from external magnetic fields.

The data carriers age, and the information stored on them is affected. The bits can no longer be read, or they are altered, or the information is lost. Accompanied by contemporary alternative mainstream techno and house rhythms and using several heavy-duty neodym magnets, monochrom will delete all the data carriers that can be found.

Naturally the public is invited to bring data carriers themselves. The destruction of magnetic storage media is a form of destruction that can reasonably be called unspectacular. But it is important. Our society collects and collects and collects. The hard drives are full. However, we can also dispense with the bourgeois-humanist criticism of the “information flood,” this maelstrom that is said to attack the printed word. The Magnetism Party is therefore an attempt to actively come to terms with one aspect of the information society that is almost completely ignored by our epistemological machinery. Delete is just another word for nothing left to lose.