Quantum Computing for Beginners
with Matt Shaw
Date & Time
May 28
Machine Project

Have you been feeling down lately about your lack of knowledge of quantum computing? Confused about how quantum entanglement (aka spooky action at a distance) could reduce lag time for online gaming? Or curious how high speed integer factorization could make most encryption technologies the Betamax of tomorrow?

Us too! Well, wonder no longer. Matt Shaw, enthusiast and PhD candidate in Physics doing research on quantum computing, has gracefully agreed to come to Machine Project Saturday for an entertaining talk on quantum computing for beginners.

Covering what quantum mechanics is, what makes it different from the physics of the everyday world, and why one might be motivated to use quantum systems for information processing. In particular, a brief discussion about quantum probabilities, entanglement, and some of the experimental challenges of trying to actually build a quantum computer, with a focus on the broad concepts and not assuming any background in math.

Mr. Shaw is a first year graduate student in physics at the University of Southern California. He is doing his research in experimental quantum computation at the Jet Propulsion Lab. More background reading on quantum computing can be found through Wikipedia and Scientific American.