The Hour of Power (volume 2)
with Josh Bearman, Jessica Z. Hutchins and Travis Peterson
Date & Time
April 30, 2005, 8pm
Machine Project

Behold! The second installment of The Hour of Power, a tour de force of extreme PowerPoint presentations, descends  at Machine Project.

The Hour of Power is a forum for three presenters to deliver a 15-20 minute presentation on their own area of intrigue and expertise. In the span of an hour, everyone present has become three times smarter. Josh Bearman explores the metaphysics of Ms. Pac-Man — and in turn — human perfection! Jessica Z. Hutchins boldly braves an old haunted windmill!¬†Travis Peterson illuminates and investigates insurgency and perversity among the Marx Brothers! The Hour of Power challenges information design, hierarchy, linearity, manners, and narratives presupposed by the PowerPoint software, making room for unregulated staging, critical content, and fantastical information. The showmanship is embodied not only in the presenter, but also in the presentation. The event is an exhibition of information design and content as well as a pedagogical exchange as well as a carnival of wonders.