Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Superbunker presents symptomology and mnemotechnics

Friday Dec 15th 8pm
Paranoid Machine – a lecture by Jason Brown

According to a loosely defined Gnostic world-view, humankind is imprisoned in a fallen, dualistic universe. Everything we perceive is a deception, and the True World is concealed behind shells of imprisoning illusion.

The ‘God” of this world is actually the Demiurge — a prison keeper working to hide knowledge (gnosis) of our true selves. In this prison-world of lies, truth would appear as an error, a bug in the system. Most of this paranoid cosmology is explained in the allegorical Disney film Tron.

What does this have to do with memory palaces, text adventures, cybering, y2k and Roswell? Join us this friday to find out.

Jason Brown is Assistant Director of Machine, Research Director of Superbunker, and Acting Janitor at Betalevel.

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