Conspiracy Means “Breathing Together”
with Jason Brown
Date & Time
November 24
Machine Project

It’s American conspiracy campfire stories with a musical component, and some sing along, like a paranoid sound of music, or if the rocky horror picture show were a documentary.

Starting off (?) with the night Oswald spent in jail, Nov 23, 1963 when he was shown the picture of himself in the backyard.

Topics covered include mediated reality, baurdillardian truthiness, our vampiric lizard overlords, magic bullets, dead puppies, dead researchers, fake suicide, um… let’s see… oh yeah, dero, rock paintings, the subterennean connections woven beneath the fabric of society which may or may not reflect the relational structure of a universe which is to strange for us to comprehend and destroys those who foolishly try… popcorn and bourbon will be served.