Monday, July 2, 2007
Our very busy 4th of July Weekend

We’re planning on semi-vacationing for the rest of the summer, so you’ll want to fill up on Machine events this week.

First we bring you the return of our 4th of July Psychedelic lightshow. Occuring in the first hour of the 4th of July (Tuesday night to some, Wednesday early morning to others). The show starts at exactly 12:01 am so don’t be late.

The Military Industrial Complex is Sucking the Living Blood of this Nation: A Psychedelic Lightshow

Next we have a cd release party for our friends ing at 8pm, Friday July 6th. The Machine staff has been listening to ing 6 with great enthusiasm, and we think you will enthuse as well.

ing cd release party

Finally, we’re so very pleased to invite you to a history of UFO activity in Southern California, a presentation by Jason Brown on Saturday July 7th at 8pm. Featuring…

Flying donuts kill dog with nuclear slag!
Millions witness UFO assult on Los Angeles — cows die in crossfire!
Venusians and contactees party together on the grave of a German miner!
Scientology spawned in a sordid bohemian love nest! Antichrist blown to bits!
Steampunk airships from the future confuse thousands in Texas and Missouri!

All this along with an impressive array of hand gestures and frenzied facial expressions, brought to you by Machine’s consigliere, Jason Brown. If you were lucky enough to witness his previous talk about Tron and Gnosticism, you know you’re in for a treat. If you missed that lecture, now’s your chance to atone for your misspent time.

UFO Battle Over Los Angeles and related topics: a talk

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