Monday, May 5, 2008
small is beautiful + strings and electrons

small is beautiful: an approach to design and business
8pm, Thursday May 8th

monome is brian crabtree and kelli cain, a small company creating adaptable, open-source hardware interfaces used by musicians, artists, and tinkerers world-wide. they will discuss their progression from art practice to sustainable business, emphasizing minimalist design, transparency, and local, responsible production methods. their philosophy on sharing information has both fostered an enthusiastic user community and inspired similar endeavors by like-minded designers. more information on small is beautiful: an approach to design and business


strings + electrons
8pm Sunday May 11, 2008

pieces of pretty music by ezra buchla (viola, electrons), amy radunskaya (cello), brian crabtree (magic boxes)

join us for an evening of moving sounds small and large.

more information on strings +electrons

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