A Machine Project Field Guide to LACMA
Date & Time
November 15

On November 15th, 2008 Machine Project was invited to visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, orchestrating ten hours of performances, workshops, and events experimenting with LACMA’s expansive grounds and enormous collection of stuff. This project was co-funded by LACMA’s public programs, the Ralph M Parsons endowment, and machine project’s much beloved funders.

– Alpha Lacma Majoris – Jacinto Astiazaran, Fritz Haeg and Flora Wiegmann
– Ambient Haircut – Ambient Force 3000
– Andre, you forgot about the fire – Michael O’ Malley
– Barbershop Hum Quartet
– Build Your Own Synthesizer Workshop
– Cheer up the Loneliest Gallery – Stephanie Hutin & Florencio Zavala
– Cheryl Cambras – Birds for Chris Burden
– Countercumulative Marcotting – Corey Fogel
– Decisions-Decisions-Decisions – Jim Fetterley
– Distance Learning – Joshua Beckman and Anthony McCann
– Douglas Lee – Glass Harmonica
– Emily Lacy – Folk Songs of the Modernist Period
– Experimental Music and Massage – Adam Overton and Friends
– Field – Sheila Govindarajan, Walter Kitundu, and Robin Sukhadia
– Foal Army (Budget Cuts) – Douglas Irving Repetto
– From Here to Here – Casey Rentz
– Gothic Arch Speed Metal – Christy McCaffrey and Sara Newey with Mark Richards and Alexy Yeghikian
– Hydropticonium – Jason Torchinsky
– Hyperbolic Crochet Plastic Bag Workshop – Christine and Margaret Wertheim
– Karen Lofgren – Believer
– Kinetic Companions – Ken Ehrlich
– Kinetic Sun Painting – Walter Kitundu
– LACMA Fruit Map and Tour – Fallen Fruit a Machine Project Field guide to LACMA
– Lasagna Cat live – Fatal Farm
– Le Hunt: Murder in the Museum – Jessica Z. Hutchins and Dawn Kasper
– Leviathans – Philip Ross
– Lost Kitten!
– Machine Musical Elevator
– Melancholy Contrabass Improvisations – Laura Steenberge
– Mission Control Bunker – Nate Page
– Nap Area
– Parts – Kristina Yu
– Peeping Netsuke – Jason Torchinsky
– Phylogeography and the Multiplex – Ryan Taber
– Please Don’t Touch Anything – Emily Lacy
– Potter Wasp and Mason Bee Consider Structural Integrity – Kelli Cain and Brian Crabtree.
– PremaSoul
– Proliferation of Concept / Accident Tolerant – Kamau Patton
– Realer – Hooliganship
– Replica Replica, After W.R.H. – Liz Glynn
– Richard Serra Reading Room – The Public School
– Sam Frantasy – Josh Beckman and Holly Vesecky
– Slow Walking Color Takers – ing
– Takeshi Murata and Lucky Dragons
– The Birds Have Their Own Museum, Volume 2 – The Faraway Places Modal Energy Music Configuration
– The Drift – Kelly Sears
– The Intensity and Beauty of Shadows (Recordings of LACMA) – Lewis Keller
– The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Exploded – Matthew Au
– The Phenomenon of Intersection: Three Tours by Anne O’Malley
– Time after Time after (for Chet Baker) – Adam Overton
– Untitled (Wiener Werkstätte, Textile Length) CD – Fol Chen
– Ursonorous Disruptions – Daniel Richert and Mathew Timmons
– Wands – Center for Tactical Magic



A Machine Project Field Guide to LACMA
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