Wednesday, October 1, 2008
Intermediate Circuitbending & Video Art

Saturday October 25th, 12-6pm and Sunday October 26th, 12-6pm

Instructor: Phil Stearns

Materials fee includes a vintage computer system + all parts and other goodies.
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Non-member registration $60 + $75 material fee

Member registration $50 + $75 material fee

“Dude, take out the cartridge and blow on it.” No. I promise you it’s supposed to look that way. The circuits are scrambled, signals swapped like credit default insurance; fragmented, fractured digital space, pixelated, glitched and iretrevably crashed. This is an advanced TWO DAY seminar, a focused workshop on circuit bending vintage computers, not for their sounds but for their visuals. Those who have prior familiarity with circuit bending or electronics are encouraged to sign up. For those who don’t, sign up at the risk of having your own circuits melted.

After a brief look at circuit bending and video art, and where they intersect in the performance art, we’ll jump right in. Step one: crack open some vintage computers and go through mapping the circuit board, (2) figure out how to NOT fry the electronics, (3) rewire via classic circuit bending techniques, (4) mount hardware, solder like crazy and seal the deal. Along the way theoretical topics will be discussed, but only as needed. Materials fee includes all parts and you get to walk away with a vintage computer (TI99/4a type or different). If you have a small color TV please let us know if you can bring it. It’ll be safe, I promise.




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