Monday, October 6, 2008

REBAR Slideshow and Discussion

Saturday October 18th

Though best known as the creators of “PARK(ing) Day” — a one-day global event where artists and citizens transform metered parking spaces into functional social spaces for humans — REBAR has created numerous projects in both public and private spaces and exhibited its work worldwide, most recently at the Venice Architecture Biennale and ExperimentaDesign Amsterdam.

REBAR is a collective of artists, designers and activists based in San Francisco. Fundamentally, REBAR‘s work explores the connection between human imagination and the physical landscape. Through methods of sampling and remixing, similar to those employed by DJs, REBAR “samples” and “remixes” constituent elements of the social and physical landscape to create new meaning and to expose arbitrary assumptions about the systems of regulation that determine the structures of the built world.

Join us on Saturday October 18th at 8pm for a presentation by REBAR to be followed by a discussion and q&a.

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