Basement Wagner: A Brief History of the Bayreuther Festspiele
with Liz Glynn
Date & Time
June 5, 2010, 6pm–10pm
Machine Project

Installation by Liz Glynn with performances and workshops organized by Liz Glynn and Juliana Snapper
June 5th – 19th, 2010

Event dates/times as listed below.
Installation on view by appointment – call ahead to 213.483.8761 or email machine@machineproject.com.

In conjunction with the Ring Cycle Festival happening in Los Angeles this summer, we’re hosting a series of Wagneriffic events and installations in June. These include:

Saturday June 5th, 6pm – 10pm:
Walking through Wagner
A step-by-step participatory walk-through of Wagner’s complete stage directions for all four operas. Opening night of installation.

Friday June 11th, 8pm and 9:30pm:
We Sing the Ring
Two sessions of a Richard Wagner singalong led by Juliana Snapper. Tone-deaf amateurs and aspiring professionals are welcome to come and learn the major leitmotifs in Wagner’s Ring Cycle. RSVP required via the links below:

8pm session: RSVP
9:30pm session: RSVP

Saturday June 12th, 8pm:
On the Operatic Origins of the American Space Program
Lecture by Jason Brown. No RSVP required, but please arrive early to guarantee a seat.

Friday June 18th, 10am – 10pm:
Wagner’s song staged by a series of different artists acting as opera director, with Juliana Snapper as Brunhilde. An all day event, drop by any time from 10am – 10pm (note, it will get crowded around 3pm though, there’s a tour group coming by).

Jon C. Daly, Angela Dufresne, Sean Griffin, Ann Magnuson, Elana Mann, and Ridykulous (A.L. Steiner and Nicole Eisenmann). Art direction for video by Paula Cronan.

Saturday June 19th, 8pm:
the ing Cycle
A musical performance by ing. Closing night of installation.