Typography Workshop: Potato-type Ransom Notes
Date & Time
December 5, 2010, 5pm–7:30pm
this world that you will probably never live without: Oxygen, people, and words.

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Sorry, sold out!

There are a few things in this world that you will probably never live without: Oxygen, people, and words.

It’s this last element – well, typography, if you wanna split hairs – that Cinema Speakeasy is especially interested in this month, and they want to help you learn more about the wonderful, esoteric, magical world of typeface design.

So, Cinema Speakeasy is teaming up with Machine Project, the Echo Park Film Center, and KERNSPIRACY to present our first-ever workshop AND screening event.

Join us at Machine Project on Sunday, December 5th, 2010 from 5-7:30pm for the first part of this all-night collaboration, a POTATO-TYPE RANSOM NOTE WORKSHOP!

Registration fee: $20 (includes all materials, plus FREE entry to the Typeface screening next door at the EPFC)


A hands-on typography workshop with a verrrrry practical application.

If you ever want to see your _______ alive again, join designer Micah Hahn, Kernspiracy‘s Spencer Cross, and the Cinema Speakeasy girls at Machine Project’s first ever potato type ransom note workshop, where we’ll cover the dangerous intricacies of type-design – from Daggers to Graves – and learn a little about counters, kerning and some things in-between.

Award-winning broadcast and graphic designer Micah Hahn will lead the group in a lighting typography tutorial – from counters to kerning, daggers to graves, ogoneks to carons, cedillas to commas, and everything in between. Each student will then be assigned a knife, and a letter of the alphabet, and a potato of their choice – and will be charged with making one element of what by the end of class will become Machine Project’s brand-new Communal Potato-Type Typeface.

But wait- there’s also a practical application!

Remember that ghost stories book that your best friend borrowed last year and never returned? Well we have a way of helping you get that back. It’s called extortion, and nothing helps extortion like a beautifully crafted ransom note.

So, at the end of class, we’ll help each and every one of you get your way by helping you lay out a ransom note, to be set on [fancy paper here] for you to send to someone you want something from.

Envelopes will be provided. Legal protection will not.

The workshop will be followed by a screening of Typeface next door at the Echo Park Film Center. Tickets will be available at the door for $5, or you get free entry if you were in the potato-type workshop.