Machine Project Confuse-a-tron at the Berkeley Art Museum
with Squeaky Blonde, Jer Ber Jones, Austin Young, Denise King, Connie and Oghee “Granny” Choe, Casey Anderson and Chris Kallmyer
Date & Time
February 25, 2011, 6pm–9pm
Berkeley Art Museum

You are invited to join us for Machine Project’s first Workshop Confuse-a-tron. At Machine Project we do all different kinds of workshops, and we thought it would be fun to do a few of them in one space on the same night.

Its like a workshop buffet, where you could do one to four workshops over teh course of the evening. The event will feature simultaneous drop-in sessions on making kimchi, converting melons into amplified drums, plant cloning, and the application (and styling) of tranimal drag makeup.

Squeaky Blonde, Jer Ber Jones, and Austin Young trans-form participants into TRANIMALS. Visitors enter a Tranimal-assembly-line where they undergo a transformation with after-portraits by Austin Young. After the workshop, please join us at SOMETHING at THE STUD for a Tranimal after party hosted by Vivvyanne Forevermore, and Glamamore. Should be an excellent time to show off your tranimal make-up.

Plant Cloning
Come with a few cuttings of your favorite plants to share and trade with others. If you’re new to the world of cutting and growing, come ready to start your own little plantlets with a variety of cloning methods that will be demonstrated throughout the afternoon. No experience or green-thumb required. With Denise King from the Exploratorium.

Connie and Oghee “Granny” Choe will be lead participants through making their own batch of kimchi. They will introduce workshop-goers to the artful practice of fermentation and participants will leave with a giant jar of delicious kimchi.

Amplified Melons
Casey Anderson and Chris Kallmyer introduce folks to the wonderful, exciting world of piezo-electronics! Participants learn how to make their own contact microphones, and insert them into watermelons, cacti, and everyday objects.

Machine Project Confuse-a-tron at the Berkeley Art Museum