Tuesday, January 3, 2012
Machine This Week, Jan. 5th – 8th

EVENT : 21st Century Bach.
Thursday, January 5th from 1 – 4pm.
Suites by Johann Sebastian Bach, “strangely arranged for bassoon by sound artist & time-traveler Archie Carey.
EVENT : Juliana Snapper and Miller Puckette.
Saturday, January 7th from 1 – 5pm.
Come by and witness the terrible collision of cadenza and yodel as computer scientist Miller Puckette and operatic soprano Juliana Snapper are reborn as a folksy duo.
EVENT : Voice of Your Desire.
Sunday, January 8th from 1 – 3pm.
Anonymously submitted letters will be set to melody and rhythm, and performed by Odeya Nini.
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