Mask-Making Workshop
with Joe Seely
Date & Time
October 23, 2012, 7pm–10pm
October 25, 2012, 7pm–10pm
Machine Project
$65 for members
$75 for non-members

In this 2-day class you will learn to make a traditional buckram mask.


Q- What the hell is buckram?
A- It is a millinery material that can be layered into a rigid lightweight shell. The instructor calls it the “Poor man’s Fiberglass.” It is super strong, light and great for puppets and masks.

Class 1
Tuesday, October 23, 7pm–10pm
Day 1
with Joe Seely
  • Sketch a series of masks
  • Sculpt one of them in wet clay
  • And create a shell of buckram over the sculpt

This process should take approximately 3 hrs.

Class 2
Thursday, October 25, 7pm–10pm
Day 2
with Joe Seely
  • Release and trim the shell
  • Fit the mask to your punim
  • Paint and your mask is complete.

Most every step of the way will be messy so wear work clothes.

Refund policy:
Please note, all class fees include a non-refundable enrollment deposit of $25 that will be deducted from your refund if you sign up for, then drop, a class. So, for example, if you sign up for Machine Sewing 101 and pay the $155 class fee, but then remember that you have trapeze school final exams that conflict with the Sewing class and shouldn’t have signed up after all, we will refund you $130 of your tuition payment.