Staple Draping Workshop
Instructor Laura Brody
Date & Time
September 9, 2012, 11am–3pm
Machine Project
$45 for members
$50 for non-members

Staple draping is making your own garments on a real live person, using leftover fabrics, a stapler, staples and scissors.

When you’re done, take your stapled work of art and use it to make a pattern, take out the staples and sew it together or just cover the staples in duct tape and go out in old school punk rock style. You made it! It’s yours to play with.

This detailed how-to class shows you how to staple drape your own top or coat, along with the lowdown on costume history as seen through staple draping. Understand costume and clothing terms in plain English and create a real garment you staple draped yourself!

Students come out of the class with a pair of scissors, a stapler, and their own stapled garment to take home. We cover a basic history of costumes, definition of patterning terms, and show you how to treat the body as sculpture. If folks are interested, we can talk about how this skill can become a career.