Nature Hike to the Ruins of Poetry and Song
Date & Time
April 14, 2013, 3:30pm–7:15pm
Machine Project

We will hike from the end of Lake Avenue in Altadena to the ruins of the Echo Mountain Resort.

Once we arrive at the resort Kirsty Singer will be reading poems to touch trees, dirt, plants and rocks by and John Martin will be singing songs for people to look at his drawings of human and animal relations by.


The link says it takes an hour and forty five minutes to reach the Echo Mountain ruins. It is a consistently uphill hike (5.4 miles roundtrip, 1,380 ft net elevation gain), so bear that mind. We will plan to depart from the gate at the end of Lake Avenue (click here for map & Google Street view) precisely at 3:45pm so please arrive before 3:30pm if you plan to join us.

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