Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pomona Studio Art Hall Opening Celebration

Saturday, October 11th // 1:30 pm to 9:00pm
Studio Art Hall 370 Columbia Ave. Claremont, CA

Beginning with a dedication at 1:30pm and running until a grand final event at 7:00pm, please come to the brand new Studio Art Hall at Pomona College, where you will have the chance to sketch (and snack on) an edible still-life, relax in a mirrored Steam Egg, listen to Georgian polyphonic singing in the glow of the darkroom safelight, dance to the joyfully experimental sounds of Daedelus, and eat tacos from a secret food elevator!

Michael Parker ‘00 Steam Egg
outside junior/senior studio 2pm – 7pm
A mirrored egg sculpture that is also a steam room for 4 – 5 people with an accompanying cold plunge. Powered by rocks heated by Prof. Michael O’Malley in his mobile oven.

Michael O’Malley Mobile Oven
outside junior/senior studio 2pm – 7pm
Experience Professor O’Malley’s famous oven fired pizza, and witness the heating of rocks used to power Michael Parker’s Steam Egg.

Juliette Walker Bread Braiding
outside junior/senior studio 2pm – 7pm
Learn how to make Zopf!

Junior / Senior Show
junior / senior studio 119 2pm – 7pm

Faculty / Staff Show
gallery 123 2pm – 7pm

Sam Starr ‘10 + Dan Somen Time Capsule Messages for Studio Art Hall
shared tech 218 + CNC 2pm – 7pm
Visitors will leave messages recorded with the new digital fabrication technologies featured in the building to serve as time capsules for future art students.

Ian Byers-Gamber ‘14 Virtual Exploration of Studio Art Hall through Minecraft
computer lab 118 2pm – 7pm
Explore a 3D model of the building translated into the world of Minecraft with other visitors.

Lucas Wrench ‘13 + Vanessa Breeding ‘12 Ghost Jobs Daemon Messiah
digital fab 112 2pm – 7pm
The ghost of Steve Jobs appears for a moment to give his final keystone address.

Cesia Dominguez Lopez ‘14 + group Flow Arts Performance
metal 107 + back patio 5pm – 7pm
An open flow arts jam with spinning and music.

Paula Peng + Linnea Sablosky Georgian Polyphonic Chanting
darkroom 117 hourly, 3pm – 6pm
Listen to Georgian polyphonic chanting in the glow of the darkroom safelight.

Grace Wielebinski ‘14 Outdoor Video Projection
grand stairs evening
A looping animation that draws from the plans of the building itself.

Becca Lofchie ‘10 Live Book Making
shared tech 218 2pm – 7pm
A live book making performance using the new book binding machine.

Kim Ye ‘07 Black Noise
throughout building 2pm – 5pm
Student performers in zentai suits interact with the building in both mundane and ambiguous actions, which will help the students reimagine the relationship between their bodies and the “body” of the building.


YT Wong + Michael Szanyi + Tom Tsai The Black Sea
gray space 206 5pm + 6pm
A dance performance by Laurie Cameron + Company, performed by YT Wong + Michael Szanyi + Tom Tsai, with music by Tom Flaherty and Hugo Kauder and design elements by Sherry Linnell.

YT Wong Scatter
first floor outside 3pm
A conceptual movement piece throughout the terraces of the new hall.

Bob Dornberger Secret Restaurant/Dumb Taco Bell
undisclosed 3pm – 6pm
A food elevator delivers Thai BBQ Chicken Tacos to patrons on a will-call basis. The food pays homage to the Thai background of the architect, as well as recognizing the mash-up culture of both the food and arts scene in LA.

Reid Ulrich – Pitzer ‘12 Window Installation
salon 219 2pm – 7pm

Crysanthe O ‘12 and Guests FALLOPIA; Or What I Wish I’d Known
salon 219 2pm – 7pm
The physical embodiment of the KCHUNG radio show ‘Fallopian Utopia’ with a library of books, zines, and essays on feminism and a comfortable space to read.

Art Clokey + Ryan Weighard Gumby Live Score
classroom 205 5pm
A live score to original Gumby episodes, bringing together childhood memories of Groobees and contemporary

Sandeep Mukherjee Collaborative Folded Painting + Scheduled Meditations
painting studio 201 2pm – 7pm
Each participating visitor will paint a portion of a folded sheet, with the entire work unveiled at the end of the evening. There will also be periodic meditation times.

Mercedes Teixido Edible Still Life
drawing studio 216 2pm – 7pm
Visitors can draw or consume an ever changing edible still life in the new drawing studio.

Lisa Anne Auerbach + students Photobooth
digital studio 215 2pm – 7pm
A photobooth with a wearable hat version of the building – become the building, inside the building.

Sarah Bay Williams Champagne Bottle Piñata
courtyard 7pm
An eight foot tall champagne bottle piñata filled with customized fortune cookies and embedded with a large countdown clock, with the first swing given to the art majors.

Daedelus Musical Performance
courtyard 7:30pm
An electronic music set by Daedelus (Alfred Darlington) with a mirrored robot, Archimedes. Part of The Light Brigade tour.

Ambient Music Room 217
Evan Hemsley ‘12 sounds
Ryan Weighard ‘11 sounds
Sasha Rindisbacher (son of Pomona professors) sounds
Grace Wielebinski ‘14 visuals
Ella Schwalb ‘14 visuals
Enjoy live ambient music and visuals in a comfy darkened classroom.

Video Selections theater 112
Judy Fiskin ‘66 video retrospective 4pm
Selection of current student and recent alumni videos by Ian Byers-Gamber
Selection of alumni artist videos curated by Charlie Neibel

Geology Department tour of courtyard rocks
wHY Architects tour of building
Studio Art Department tour of spaces

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