Curated by Braxton Soderman and Jason Brown

Instalations included:
Arteroids video game by Jim Andrews, with text by Christina McPhee and Helen Thorington
Nimbus sculptural work by Alexandra Grant based on text by Michael Joyce
Untitled Game textual driving game by Sara Roberts
Text v.1 interactive video by Karolina Sobecka
Experimental Collaboration ten page spaces by ten artists, coders and designers

The page_space show at Machine was centered around the page_space experiment, a collaboration between writers and page makers which attempted to reverse the usual collaboration between writing and design while examining the architectures behind the allegedly blank page.

The page_space experiment programmer/writers are:
Simon Biggs
Lluis Calvo
Loss Pequeño Glazier
Deena Larsen
Jason Nelson
Brian Kim Stefans
Pedro Valdeolmillos
Jody Zellen

The page_space show at Machine was made possible with the velvet-gloved guidance of Mark Allen, the generous assistance of Carla Herrera-Prats, and the kind support of CalArts Writing