Jessica Hutchins vs Anthony McCann

On Saturday March 27th at 8pm, Machine will be hosting a reading by two of our favorite writers, Jessica Hutchins and Anthony McCann. The reading will be preceded by a musical performance featuring the New Jersey folk trio Sudden Souvenir, and followed by casual socializing until the beer runs out. Please bring your own beer.

Artist and Writer Jessica Zoe Hutchins will read a story from her upcoming collection “The Collected works of Jessica Zoe Hutchins” to be published by Machine Project Press in conjunction with the opening of her one woman show at the gallery May 18th. A fine example of her writing can be found on the website of the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest.

Anthony McCann will be reading from his new book of poetry, Father of Noise. All who hear Mr McCann read later describe the experience as “rad”. Examples of Anthony McCann’s poetry can be found here.