Joshua Beckman

Machine Project is please to announce a reading by Joshua Beckman Sunday May 22nd 6pm. We really enjoyed Joshua’s last reading, and we’re confident that this event will take it to a level of awesomeness heretofore unseen. Here is a poem by Joshua Beckman and Matt Rohr:

I fell at the party
I’m still at the party

Take it as a given that not all of Joshua’s poem will be that short, but be certain they will all be wondrous and moving. In addition there are rumors of cheerleader-esque escapades. For those that require evidence of excellence before departing from your homes/fortified security enclaves, here is documentation in the form of video and audio recordings: So, to get to the point, please join us this Sunday, May 22nd at 6pm. We will provide the reading, potato chips (both kinds), as well as a modest amount of beer. You provide the mind to be blown.