Hi everyone,

This Sunday at 10pm we’re hosting an evening of improvisational music by some of our absolute favorite performers. Please join us. We recommend coming somewhat early or at least on time, we’re expecting a full house on account of our habitual free entry policy and the general awesomeness of the line-up.

We will be considering and reconsidering the potential configurations of six improvisers and many devices.
erika anderson : strung and sung utterance, witch blood, icicles.
carla bozulich : long teeth, stories, lonely miracles.
ezra buchla : n-weighted oscillation, recursive intelligence, polyps.
nels cline : guitarcentricity, superlatives, madeup things.
brian crabtree : grid-digging, vertical propagation, chunks.
corey fogel : fuzzy drum, rainbow face, misanthropy and confusion.