Web Design for N00bz

Introduction to standards-based XHTML+CSS web design and basic content management using WordPress. You’ll begin with a blank page in a text editor and no idea what to do. You’ll end with a complete mastery over your own dynamic website, easily capable of managing thousands of individual pages.

You’ll need a laptop. We’ll be using free software which we will install on the first day. you’ll need to register a domain name and buy a basic web hosting account with the registrar and web host of your choice. We’ll go over how to do this during the workshop. Hosting and domain registration will cost approximately $10-$20 per year.

Topics covered:
* Introduction to web editing tools (text editors, browsers, plugins)
* Domain registration and web hosting — how to
* An overview of (X)HTML
* Validation and why you should care
* Basic CSS concepts
* Web page layout and style
* Bugs: the inescapable horror of Internet Explorer
* Basic dynamic websites: PHP includes; basic content management: WordPress; installing and maintaining WordPress; how to create/customize a WordPress template
* Where to get help