Dorkbake/Dorkbot SoCal 21

Construct Oven
* Teams or individuals will construct ovens using only the heat of a standard 100-watt incandescent bulb. Bake Item
* Oven makers shall create a food item at home with said oven. Item must be large enough for four judges to each have a taste.
* Home baked goods may use any ingredients, but…you’ll probably want to practice with the Standard Ingredients which will be provided in the final bake-off.

Be Judged
* On Feb 3rd, contestants will bring ovens and pre-cooked items to Machine Project
* Each oven-item combination shall be judged on engineering, tastiness and presentation.
* The chosen finalists will compete in a public bake-off.

Compete in Final Bake-Off
* Within the time limit and under the full glare of public attention, each finalist oven team must mix and cook an item.
* A standard 100-watt light bulb will be provided for use in the final bake-off
* Only the supplied ingredients may be used in the final bake-off. Ingredients List will be finalized at 12:01am, Monday January 29.