Webhosting Bootcamp + Tubez 4 Noobz

We’re offering two related classes on webpage-making, both taught by Machine’s consigliere, Jason Brown.

If you want to take both classes, you can get a discounted rate of $150 by signing up through this button:


Sunday May 13th

Going from nothing, to a fully operational domain in a matter of hours. It’s easy. We’ll prove it.

time commitment: 3 hrs

– dns
– host
– cpanel

outcome: live hosted web domain with a control panel


TUBEZ 4 NOOBZ: Creating and editing standards-based web sites
Thursday May 17th & Tuesday May 22nd
Tuesday May 22nd & Tuesday May 29th

At some point, all web development relies on “hand-coding” — using basic tools to edit the raw text which underlies all websites. Designed as an introduction for people with little or no previous experience, this class dirties your clean noobie hands with the fertile mud of code.

day 1:
– tools (FTP, editors, browsers)
– CSS intro
day 2:
– XHTML review

live FTP accessible web space
hosted domain highly preferred.

a live XHTML/CSS web site
basic competence with “hand-coded” web development