Dorkbot SoCal 37

Saturday, July 11 @ 1PM:

Heather Knight

A newbie Angelino and recent alumnus from the Personal Robots Group at
the MIT Media Lab, Heather is the Social Roboticist who works at the
Jet Propulsion Lab. She has two degrees from MIT in Electrical
Engineering and Computer Science and a minor in Mechanical
Engineering, working in Robotics since 2002 under Professor Cynthia
Breazeal. This dorkbot she will present her work enabling robots to
understand nonverbal human gestures and talk about the potentials for
interactive technology incorporated into everyday objects, such as

Jody Zellen

Jody Zellen is an artist living in Los Angeles, California. She works
in many media simultaneously making photographs, installations, net
art, public art, as well as artists’ books that explore the subject of
the urban environment. She employs media-generated representations of
contemporary and historic cities as raw material for aesthetic and
social investigations.

Xuan “Sean” Li

Xuan “Sean” Li creates works that merge concepts and ideas from
different disciplines into new digital and electronic expression. He
has worked in the areas of web design, game level design, product
design, and 3D rendering and animation. His most recent work attempts
to expand the role of information visualization as an art form through
a novel combination of physical sensors with generative visuals,
exploring new aesthetic possibilities by expressing the nature of the
wireless data flow.