Musical Soldering Workshop – CRITTER Edition

Saturday July 25th, 2009
1pm – 4pm
@ CRITTER in San Francisco

Learn to solder in this three-hour workshop presented by Machine Project at CRITTER, located at the Studio for Urban Projects space in San Francisco. Participants will learn to solder by building a primitive synthesizer. During the workshop the band ing will play music to solder by. As people get their synths working, they will join ing in playing some simple repeating musical patterns. At the end of the workshop everyone will play a simple and inevitably out of tune musical piece together. Taught by Mark Allen, Director of Machine Project.

Machine member registration $40

Non-member registration $50

As seen at LACMA!

All materials are included in the materials fee, and you take home what you make.

Machine Project Loves Me from Jeremy Quinn on Vimeo.