Paleolithic Skills & Survival Workshops

Take a trip in time and still be amongst the urban mayhem that is called LA.
A world without metal, plastic, or glass. a world where your daily needs come from what is in front of your eyes. Welcome to a world without boundaries or limits. Hold on tight and lock your seats in an upright position, you are entering a world of Paleo skills and primitive technology in the midst of Los Angeles.

– Palm leaf rope-making Sat Oct 31st 12pm-4pm
– Random Weave Basket Sun Nov 1st 12pm-5pm
– Stone Knives Sat Nov 14th 11am-4pm
– Second session of Stone Knives added on Sun Nov 8th, 11am-4pm
– Fire By Friction Sun Nov 15th 11am-3pm

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day 1. Palm leaf rope-making Sat Oct 31st 12pm-4pm

Students will harvest native palm fronds, split, pound and extract its fiber and traditionally twist the fiber into a very strong cord. This cordage is traditionally used for making sandals to lashing boats to weaving sails to fishing line. Other materials such as flax, agave and yucca will be discussed along with other techniques for fiber extraction.
10 students max.

day 2. Random Weave Basket Sun Nov 1st 12pm-5pm

Learn how to make a fully functional basket with materials right from your own backyard.
We will be gathering ivy, wisteria, morning glory and other rampant vines and weave a useful basket using a technique called “Random Weave”. No experience required. This is not a traditional basket however they are eessential for any fruit picker or gardener who wishes to gather their own foods in their own basket. A variety of different local materials will be discussed. 10 students max.

day 3. Stone Knives Session 1: Sun Nov 8th, 11am-4pm // Session 2: Sat Nov 14th 11am-4pm!

Learn how to make a knife from basalt, glass and obsidian using the most primitive tools as the natives would. students will learn techniques of stone reduction (percussion along with pressure flaking) shaping/chipping your stone into a sharp working blade. Materials include an antler, leather and a stone. No metal is used. This skill is called “Flint-Knapping” and someone who makes stone tools is called a Knapper. No experience required. Come prepared to have some abrasions during the workshop. Information of gathering stone with be included.
7 students max.

day 4. Fire By Friction Sun Nov 15th 11am-3pm

Learn how to make fire without matches. We will be using the hand-drill technique the most oldest and simplest method. Students will be bunched into pairs and will work together to make a fire. Materials, processing of materials and when to harvest will all be included. From 11-3 you will have the knowledge to start a fire with 2 sticks and by the end i will lead a short walk pointing out local wood used for fire. A brief demo will be done before the class. 10 students max. (Students should bring a knife, stone knife if you have one) no other materials/preparation.