Introduction to Bookbinding with Kristen St. John

3 class sessions
Tuesday, January 12th 2010 // 7-10pm
Thursday, January 14th // 7-10pm
Tuesday, January 19th // 7-10pm

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In this class students will learn how to bind their own books. Methods introduced over the course of the three nights will increase in complexity as students learn the various stages of book structure. Students will complete the class with three to four handmade books and some decorative papers to use for future bookbinding adventures.

The registration fee includes a tool kit of hand tools required for basic bookbinding. Paper and cloth will also be provided for the bindings, but students are encouraged to bring samples of materials they’d like to incorporate into their own bindings as well.

Class 1: One and two signature pamphlet bindings and paste papers.

These simple pamphlet bindings will introduce:

* paper selection criteria
* signature/gathering folding
* sewing paper with needle and thread

The class will end with paste paper making. What may look like a grown-up form of finger painting is a centuries old technique for decorating paper and book edges. These papers can be used to for book covers or endpapers in the bindings throughout the class or for other creative projects.

Class 2: Multi-signature sewn textblocks:

In this class, students will progress from one and two signature books to multiple signature sewn textblocks. New techniques include:

* marking up signatures for sewing
* supported link stitch sewing on linen tape
* spine consolidation

Once the textblock is sewn and consolidated, students will learn how to make a simple wrapper cover with variations in folding and tab patterns.

Class 3: Case binding

In the final class students will use a sewn textblock (that they have completed on their own over the weekend) to make a case binding – aka a hardback book. Topics to be covered include:

* spine lining qualities and variations
* cloth and cover paper selection
* methods to determine the final dimensions of a book

After students have planned the structure, materials and size of their final books, students will finish preparing the textblock, make the case, and then case in the textblock, completing the binding.


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