Carla Bozulich and Sarah Lipstate performance

Sunday, March 21st, 2010


Carla Bozulich and Sarah Lipstate are playing just one show in California as a duo, after having recently finished collaborating in NYC. They will probably be using mostly guitar, voice and pedals.

On this night the duo will be performing uncharted sounds aiming to generate “some kind of emotional collision with the cloying jungle
anti-rhythms of everyday noise and streetlife ala mode”. Time Out NY described the last month as performing “…painful truths amid a claustrophobic roil of squalling guitar”.


Carla Bozulich is an LA native. Her main project is called Evangelista. She’s done a lot of projects that can be better explored here:
and here:

Sarah Lipstate is a guitarist and filmmaker out of Brooklyn. She has performed in Rhys Chatham’s Guitar Army and as a member of GlennBranca’s 100 guitar ensemble. She played in Parts And Labor and Cold Cave. Her fantastic solo project, Noveller, is, among other things, a guitar on-slaught of focused harmonic interactions.