Intro to Electronics

Sundays March 21st & 28th, 2010 // 12-3pm
Thursdays March 25th & April 1st, 2010 // 7-10pm

Taught by Carlyn Maw

All materials included in registration fee.

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It takes just a few basics to understand most of the electronics around us. Some simple hands-on projects will illustrate how laws and theories get turned into everyday objects. No previous experience required. Soldering skills will be useful but not necessary.

Class 1: How to Build a Flashlight (Simple circuit basics to light up your world. Current, voltage, resistance and how they relate. LEDs, batteries, switches, resistors and the different things that can happen when you start hooking them up)

Class 2: Anatomy of an Electric Toothbrush (Electricity, magnets and motion. Using capacitors and diodes to side step possible problems. The relationship of AC to DC)

Class 3:
When a toggle switch will just no longer do (Part 1: Variable Resistance, because a circuit can be “a little bit on.” Part 2: What one circuit said to the other circuit)

Class 4:
Hello Computer. (How to make circuits that think. Combining logic, electricity and time.)

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