Basement Wagner opens on Saturday!

Basement Wagner: A brief history of the Bayreuther Festspiele is an installation by Liz Glynn with performances and workshops organized by Liz Glynn and Juliana Snapper, running from June 5th – 19th, 2010.

- A step-by-step participatory walk-through of Wagner’s complete stage directions for all four operas
- A Richard Wagner singalong
- A lecture by Jason Brown
- An all-day event called Hojotoho!, starring Juliana as Brunhilde
- The ing Cycle, a performance based on the Ring Cycle, by the band ing

Please join us for the opening reception and first performance on Saturday, June 5th starting at 6pm.

More info here:

Also, check out what we’re doing at the Hammer this weekend! Info on our microconcerts in our microtheater, here: