Amateur Bicycle Mechanics: Parent and Child Edition, + Intro to Junkyard Salvaging

“Faded champions reborn for another chance at glory.”

with Mister Jalopy, Jesse and Randy

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Coco’s Variety Store (NOT at Machine)
2427 Riverside Drive
Los Angeles, California 90039
(323) 664-7400

For adult and child pair: $60 Members /$70 Non-members
For adult only: $50 Members /$60 Non-members
Child only: NOT ALLOWED, unless —
Child only with Machine Project Executive Director as buddy: $3000

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The registration fee includes instruction and celebratory bubbly drinks only. BYO bikes, or purchase a fixer-upper from Coco’s. Materials for fixing your bike are available for purchase on site at half the retail of Coco’s Variety‘s already bargain prices. (As a guide, a tube will be $2.50, a chain $4.50, brake pads 50 cents and free nuts and free bolts.)

A bicycle is a durable machine that should be handed down through generations – from older kids to younger kids and from rich neighbors to poor neighbors. With a soapy bucket, a chain breaker, a tire patch kit and a can of grease, even the most forlorn bicycles can be refurbished.

Join Coco’s Variety for an afternoon of bicycle repairs. Bicycles will be cleaned, broken parts replaced, tubes patched, tires filled, derailleurs tuned, brakes adjusted and chains lubed. In advance of this event, we will solicit donations of bicycles to create a junkyard of parts.

Please bring one parent, one child, one adult bicycle, one kid’s bicycle and snacks to share. Dress grubby. Closed toe shoes. Derelict bicycles encouraged. We will have a (growing) pile of junk bikes, so it is possible that you could leave with a new, used bike.

At the conclusion of class, champagne and cider will be served in Dixie cups to celebrate our awesomeness.

If you have a derelict bicycle that you are looking to recycle, please drop off at Coco’s Variety (2427 Riverside Drive, LA 90039) before the class (even if you’re not planning on taking the class, donations are appreciated!). These bikes will be used for practice, parted out, good stuff captured, tires/tubes pulled for recycling and the carcasses will be donated to our scrap metal recycler.

Class size limit: 6 parents with 6 children
Appropriate age range, if any: 5 years+