David Tudor’s Rainforest IV: A sound installation workshop

Two-day workshop taught by Casey Anderson

  • Class 1: Saturday, December 4th, 2010 from 1-4pm
  • Class 2: Sunday, December 5th, 2010 from 1-4pm
  • Public reception & viewing of projects: Sunday, December 5th, 2010 from 4-5:30pm

Max. class size: 16 students
Location: Machine Project’s apartment
(check in at the gallery, we’ll show you where to go)

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Machine invites you to a two part, hands-on workshop investigating David Tudor’s seminal installation/performance piece, Rainforest IV, lead by Casey Anderson.

Day 1:

  • Build contact microphones
  • Build LM386 amplifier
  • Build Audio Output Transformers
  • Discussion of Tudor’s work and a brief introduction to the Rainforest series.

Assignment: Bring in possible sound sources (on CD), find a batterie of small objects for possible use in our installation.

During Day 1, participants will learn how to build contact microphones, a miniature amplifier, and an audio output transformer (together forming an audio driver) from scratch. Participants will receive hands-on instruction/assistance with building their own driver for the installation, to be accompanied by discussion of the functionality of these devices and their typical use in sound art/contemporary music. Day 1 will culminate with a discussion of Tudor’s work and a brief introduction to the Rainforest series. Participants will be asked to return for Day 2 with a selection of objects and a possible selection of sound sources.

Day 2:

  • In depth discussion, and demonstration, of how Rainforest IV tends to be realized.
  • Experiment with drivers, objects, and sound sources
  • Discuss strategies for realization
  • Setup our Rainforest IV Installation in Machine

Open House: Exhibition of our Rainforest IV installation.

Day 2 will begin with an in-depth discussion, and demonstration, of how Rainforest IV tends to be realized. Participants will observe documentation of other exhibitions of Rainforest IV from a variety of sources and will learn what makes a particular exhibition most successful. Afterwards, the workshop will shift gears to an environment for experimentation with participant’s newly-constructed drivers. As they experiment with resonating various objects, each participant will receive input from the instructor regarding effective strategies for creating/presenting a strong Rainforest object. As Day 2 progresses, participants will collaboratively transform the Machine work space into a group exhibition of Rainforest IV, culminating in a free open house to showcase the installation.

Refund policy:

Please note, all class fees include a non-refundable enrollment deposit of $25 that will be deducted from your refund if you sign up for, then drop, a class. So, for example, if you sign up for Machine Sewing 101 and pay the $155 class fee, but then remember that you have trapeze school final exams that conflict with the Sewing class and shouldn’t have signed up after all, we will refund you $130 of your tuition payment.

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If you have a Machine Project gift certificate you’d like to redeem for a class, please email us at machine@machineproject.com and let us know.