Build and Play a Portable “Electric Eel” Synthesizer

Taught by Noah Vawter (MIT Media Lab)

Class mtg 1 – Saturday, December 11th, 11am-5pm
Class mtg 2 – Monday, December 13th, 7-11pm
Class mtg 3 – Wednesday, December 15th, 7-11pm
Class mtg 4 – Optional final workshop & performance – Friday, December 17th, 1-6pm

$195 Members, $225 Non-Members (fee includes materials kit)

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Join visiting artist Noah Vawter (MIT Media Lab) as he teaches you how to construct the Electric Eel, a portable hybrid synthesizer instrument with a built-in sliding generator, over the course of a week.

For the final class meeting, students will prepare a performance: together, in small groups, or as individuals. The performance will begin in front of a real audience in the vicinity of the gallery. As the instruments’ generators and built-in speakers make them portable, the final performance will proceed along a path while continuing to play, as in a New Orleans funeral. The audience is encouraged to follow, hum, sing dance, or chant, as they wish.

All starting materials will be provided, but there will be room to incorporate additional materials into each instrument. Participants will be encouraged to seek influences on the days in between the workshops, and to integrate these experiences into their personal instrument design. For example, if you’re into the sound of steel drums during the week of the workshop, it may be a sign to produce an instrument which reflects and explores that inspiration. This counts equally for all of the senses. Participants are encouraged to bring materials to facilitate this.


* * * Session #1 – Construction * * *

Saturday Afternoon – December 11th, 2010

In the first session, participants will be introduced to one another, and the technology, and led through the construction of the Electric Eel instrument. To save time, focus will be on customizing the instrument to one’s body, playing style, sound, etc. The major electronic modules will be largely presoldered, allowing the majority of the construction time to be spent with drills, knives, saws, paint, glue guns, soldering irons, duct tape. At the end of this day, each participant ought to have something which produces some sound!

* * * Session #2 – Continue Construction / Begin Rehearsal * * *

Monday Evening – December 13th, 2010

Participants will be encouraged to develop their instrument from the previous session along individual paths. This means selecting a speaker, deciding how their instrument will be carried, and selecting from some of the digital sound libraries possible. Also, students will select or begin composing a piece to play. Finally students should beginning forming groups where they wish.

* * * Session #3 – Continue Construction / Rehearsal * * *

Wednesday Evening – December 15th, 2010

Continued workshop day. Participants will be encouraged to further develop their instrument along individual paths, and rehearsal in groups may begin.

* * * Session #4 – Last-Minute Preparations/ Performance * * *

Friday Afternoon and Evening – December 17th, 2010

In the afternoon portion of this session, Noah will assist participants in any last minute performance emergencies, e.g. technical, conceptual, software, electronic, etc. They are also encouraged to rehearse for their final performance. Following rehearsal, the performance with the audience will take place shortly before sunset.

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