Basic Electronics for Artists

Instructor: Casey Anderson

Schedule: Tuesdays Feb 8th and 15th @ 7-10pm, and Thursdays Feb 10th and 17th @ 7-10pm

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Non-members $250

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Course Description:

Electronics is fun, useful, and fun. Electronics for Artists covers both the theory and primary techniques of working with electronics. Students will be exposed to basic tools and components for building robust, practical circuitry into their art works. No attempt will be made to provide encyclopedic coverage of electronics due to the sprawling nature of the topic; rather students will be encouraged to become comfortable with experimentation and hands on hacking.

Course Prerequisites:

Open Textbook: If you wish to purchase a textbook, we recommend “Practical Electronics for Inventors,” by Paul Schertz, and “Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking,” by Nicolas Collins. In addition, we have an extensive collection of electronics textbooks which we will bring to class for you to check out.


Each meeting will consist of a lecture and lab. During lab we will build circuits based on the concepts discussed in the lecture.

Weekly Outline:

1: Tuesday Feb 8th @ 7-10pm. DC Basics. Voltage, current, resistance.
Series and parallel circuits. Identifying common components. Building
basic circuits from resistors, LEDs, switches, wires and batteries and
how to (not) burn, smoke, or otherwise ruin them.

2: Thursday Feb 10th @ 7-10pm. AC Basics. Electromagnetism, induction,

3: Tuesday Feb 15th @ 7-10pm. Semi-conductors, transistors, diodes.
Potentiometers and other kinds of variable resistors. Voltage divider

4: Thursday Feb 17th @ 7-10pm. Integrated circuits. Timers,
oscillators and amplifiers.