POST-BOOK: Bound sequences unbound

Instructor: Djego Padilla

3 class meetings:
Saturday 4/16
Sunday 4/17
Saturday 4/23

9:30am – 1:30pm each day.

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As printing takes a more important role as art-piece the relationship between type and image questions linear logic, and starts to assume a similarity to avant-guard music, and cinema where textures and trompe l’oeil with poetic text create a tactile experience of an artists vision, no longer just a documentation of their work but an addition to it, a new way to experience it. Or even as a process to elicit new work though the design of a publication.

We will explore the relationship between content and layout through experiments with type and image, the grid vs. the limitations of the page, navigation, and structure.

This twelve-hour, three session, week-end workshop. Participants who have laptops and any image-making software are encouraged to bring them with you, but if you do not we will also be working with X-acto knife and glue stick. We will use online printing services to generate a publication of the results.

MORE INFO, in the form of stuff people have said who have taken Djego’s classes:

“Through the course of studying typography with Djego, I found my thoughts about type and graphic design shifting to a very different, dynamic place than before. He pushed us to find a more expansive view of what letter forms can express and how we can use that to create new work. The class was super challenging, sometimes mystifying, and always fun.” – Kristen St. John

“Djego Padilla’s workshops will suit anyone who is interested in or passionate about design, regardless of background or experience. He thoughtfully presents design concepts and encourages his workshop participants to experiment in the application of those concepts with various materials and unique methods in order to integrate their own ideas. His workshops on typography and information design are engaging, informative and eye-opening. Participants are able to acquire a good amount of information about the subject and the creative process in a short time period. Participants often stay in touch in order to continue sharing resources and ideas after the workshop ends. Don’t expect the ordinary, as this is not a conventional workshop, but do expect something great and certainly worthwhile.” -Cirrus Alpert

Djego Padilla
Graphic Designer, Artist & Educator.
B. Mexico City, 1975
Chief-Creative Director of the Atelier Allograph, a trans-disciplinary studio based in Monterrey Mexico with world-wide projects in Los Angeles, Mexico City, and The Netherlands; specializing in typography, information design, and publication design.

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