Mind reading for the left and right brain

Sunday August 21st

$65 members
$85 non-members
all materials included

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Learn to read minds (kind of) in this two part workshop. First, Beth McMullian will lead participants in a hands on electronics workshop where you will built a primitive lie detector in the form of galvanic skin response meter. Then we take a cookie break. THEN two of our favorite psychic friends (Asher Hartman and Haruko Tanaka) will lead participants in developing their psychic abilities.


1) According to Wikipedia, skin conductance response in regular subjects differs when given fair and unfair offers, respectively. However, psychopaths have been shown to have no difference in skin conductance between fair and unfair offers. This may indicate that the use of lie detectors relying on skin conductivity gives psychopaths an advantage that non-psychopaths do not have in criminal investigations. THEREFORE, this class may be of limited value to psychopaths, so we kindly ask psychopathic participants to proceed at their own risk, and without promise of refund.

2) According to some of science and technology friends, psychic abilities may be hard or impossible to measure empirically.

3) According to some of our psychic friends, technology is overrated and maybe not as great as some people think.

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