Machine Projector

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

An evening of audio/visual performances by:

Daniel Eaton
Miniature Caverns of the Face
An exploration of amplified minute sounds produced by the double bass and other small objects processed through four audio channels and accompanied with video exploring gestures of the face.

Justin Asher
People With the Playback Device
Asher presents live accompaniment to Vertov’s silent film Man With a Movie Camera. Creating sonically what the film achieves visually, he produces a new language by using recording technology that abandons the old language of theater and concert.

Paul Fraser
Still Breathes
A spiraling, sprawling video work for contrabass clarinet, guitar feedback and muted trumpet.

Kevin Blechdom (aka Kristin Erickson)
Blechdom makes psycho computer music theater and will perform live to a new music video called MAN SMASH, starring Corey Fogel.