Special Theatrical Effects Workshop

Saturday, April 28th 2012
2 – 5pm

With Chris Weisbart

Non-members: $45
Members: $35

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In this workshop, Multimedia Designer Chris Weisbart will discuss the hand-made effects in Asher Hartman’s “See What Love The Father Has Given Us,” running from March 29 to April 24th at Machine Project. This production, which transformed the storefront into an interdimensional hallway, created many opportunities for special effects done in very simple and practical ways. This workshop will give a behind the scenes tour of the set and discuss:

Special lighting effects, including DIY lighting control systems
Trap Door basics
Servo-actuated picture frames and the software to run them
The best, lightest-weight Pepper’s Ghost effect ever to hit an interdimensional hallway
PLUS the workshop includes the design and construction your very own shoebox pepper’s ghost!!

These topics will involve some basic lessons on popular DIY platforms such as: Arduino in conjunction with xbee wireless modems, simple DMX lighting control using dimmer packs and inexpensive light boards, and the basics of using the visual computer programming language PD. Do not be intimidated, though, these topics will be talked about in broad terms and with enough time to do some in depth Q and A.

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