Machine This Week: May 3rd – 6th

EVENT : We said a 40 FOOT TREE.
Thursday, May 3rd ongoing from 8 – 10pm
A puppet show by DanRae Wilson and Miriam Jones. Swing by and see a 2 minute puppet show for 1- 2 people at a time. Perfect for on your way to or from dinner, as a destination for an evening stroll, or as a tiny pre-party to your big night out. Ongoing from 8-10pm, we’ll repeat the show as audience members drop in.
EVENT : Corpor.
Friday May 4th, Saturday May 5th & Sunday May 6th ongoing from 4 – 7pm.
Emily Lacy brings sound and distortion to the final days of the Machine Project Transdimensional Hallway in a new piece entitled Corpor. Entering and exiting is encouraged in this 3-day performance examining presence, absence, and the business of our daily lives. From the roots of the word “corporate”, a mythology is explored around the body and it’s relationship to business and commerce as a whole. Emily will be using the unique shape of the hallway to distribute music dynamically. Visitors to the work are encouraged to come and go as they please.