Hive Mind

Saturday, October 13th
2 – 3pm: Lecture by beekeeper Susan Rudnicki
3 – 5pm: Inter-species musical collaboration by Giancarlo de la Cruz and public poetry reading for bees

There are nine feral hives per square mile in LA – celebrate your beeing, learn more, and experience the secret wildness pullulating all around us.

HIVE MIND is an experiment in music, poetry, and swarm consciousness, exploring the communicative and sonic particularities of the honeybee. From 2 -3pm beekeeper Susan Rudnicki will give a lecture and from 3 – 5pm engineer/musician Giancarlo de la Cruz will perform an inter-species musical collaboration.

Come for the drone fest, stay to read to the bees, don our sensory deprivation bee veils, or simply relax and enjoy the wild-fermented mead and a local honey tasting. To sign up for a 15-minute shift reading to the bees from our floral reader please visit the following link: