Experiments in Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Saturday, December 1st
& Sunday, December 2nd
12 – 3pm

Instructor: Nick Rodrigues


Non-members: $120
Members: $100

Discover how gas and fluids can be used to create motion and perform tasks. Through improvised experimentation with everyday objects we will obtain a basic understanding of the principles of fluidics and more.

Day One: OVERVIEW with interactive demos

Introductory video compilation displaying different uses.

Interactive demos:

  • Air compressor
  • Valves: Solenoid valve, ball valve, etc.
  • Actuators: Cylinders

Start to activate everyday objects using pressurized gas while explaining basic logic.

Day Two: PLAY with air then introduce liquids.

EXPERIMENT with activating objects using pressurized gas.

  • Document experiments!
  • Introduce liquids (possible beverages) and make a basic hydraulic circuit using two plastic syringes and 1/4 hose.
  • Experiment with hydraulic circuit.