Glitch Art Workshop

Saturday, April 13th
1 – 5pm

Instructor: Phillip Stearns

Learn how to databend and datamosh images and video, to compress and re-compress, animate, break, re-animate, and turn conventional image processing inside out.

In this crash course on Glitch Art we will cover a wide variety of extended techniques for software based image and video file processing. Glitch Art, the art of artifacts, zeros in on the remains of the broken scaffolding circumscribing the disappearance of image post-compression. A discussion of early glitch art, artists, visual aesthetics, and conceptual aesthetics (appropriation of artifacts, and the technical appropriation of entropic processes) will center around a hands on breaking of data structures and file formats.

Instructor Phillip Stearns will also be sharing output from Year of the Glitch and Glitch Textiles along side work from other prominent artists in the field of Glitch Art and earlier historical practices.

Registration is $40 for general admission and $30 for Machine Project members.

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NOTE: Students are required to bring their laptops (Mac OSX 10.6 and greater recommended but PC OK). A list of software to download and install before the class can be found here: