Anne Hars – Architectural Drafting for Hackers, Makers and Visionary Dilettantes

May 21, 22, 28, 29 June 4, 5
at Machine Project

A 3-week architectural drafting class taught by Anne Hars at Machine Project, with assignments ranging from the practical to the fantastical.

Fees for this class are $150 for the general public and $125 for Machine Project members.
This fee covers all six classes.
No materials required, but a list of materials will be provided at beginning of class to be purchased at attendee’s discretion.
Sign up at the following link:

Learn how to take accurate measurements, draw to scale, and convey architectural ideas using old school pre-cad drafting tools and techniques. Whether you want to re-design your yard or your planet, basic drafting skills will help you describe your ideas accurately and with style. Throughout the class we also will be drawing inspiration from the drawings of Visionary Architects from the renaissance to the present.

In each class students will be encouraged to play with the tools and experiment with techniques. Handouts will be given out on the technical information with practice exercise that can be done out of class. In each class we will grok a visionary architectural drawing as well as a technical drawing as examples of techniques. After the first class, students will be given a list of recommended tools and can choose to purchase their own.

Class 1: Equipment and Materials – An introduction to leads and holders, lead weights and their different properties and uses, triangles and curves, the straight edge, templates, the compass, erasers and the erasing shield, scale rulers, tracing papers and various drawing surfaces.
Class 2: Architectural Drafting – Introduction to the conventions of architectural drawing. We will learn to “read” architecture plans, specifically looking at types of lines and what information each type of line may convey. We will learn about orthographic views: plan, section and elevation, and common symbols and what they mean.
Class 3: How to measure a space and then draw it to scale with clear dimensions.
Class 4: Basic introduction to perspective.
Class 5: Tones, textures and materials. We will go over techniques to represent materials.
Class 6: A short history of non standard, unconventional and “warped” views historically used to express the passage of time simultaneously in one drawing, the experience of passing through a space and the relationships between interior and exterior views.

This class is part of Machine Project’s Field Guide to L.A. Architecture.