Abstraction Reaction – presented by Kelly Sears

Saturday, November 2 // 2:00pm, 3:30pm, 5:00pm
in the Mystery Theater at Machine Project
Seating is extremely limited and by advance purchase only. No late seating.
$7 for members // $10 for non-members
2pm show SOLD OUT, sorry
3:30pm show SOLD OUT, sorry
5pm show SOLD OUT, sorry


Kelly Sears presents Abstraction Reaction is a site-specific film program that presents film, video and animations that utilize a variety of production strategies that resist a cohesive sense of visual representation and narrative. Abstraction Reaction instead explores the space beyond the pictorial, figurative and often the recognizable.

This program explores abstraction as a craft and a wide variety of techniques with which contemporary artists forge a lyrical, graphical, and liminal visual practice. Victorian decorative borders are reworked as unsteadied optic and sonic patterns, reflective materials are animated to create holographic effects, film sprayed directly with developer is transformed into a rhythmic meditation, handmade lenses and LED lights produce digital glitches, a hand-processed film flirts with the figurative, and the experience of a car wash is translated into water drops and soapscapes are just a few of the enthusiastic experiments in this screening.

The following pieces will be shown during the program:
Scott Fitzpatrick, Bruce’s Borders, 7:30, 2013
Wenhua Shi, Endless, 1:30, 2005
Lilli Carré, Bleedin’ Heart, 1:15, 2011
Mike Stoltz, With Plusses and Minuses, 5:00, 2013
Jeanne Liotta, Sutro, 3:00, 2009
Pat O Neill, Squirtgun/Stepprint, 5:00, 1998
Jen Proctor, Surfacing, 2:30, 2003
Alexander Stewart and Lilli Carré, Crux Film, 5:00, 2013
Lauren Cook, PXXXL, 3:00, 2012
Jodie Mack, Glistening Thrills, 8:00 2013
Neil Young, Slid the Hammer, 45 seconds, 2013
Norbert Shieh, Washes, 8:30, 2010

Please note : This program is not recommended for anyone who has epilepsy.