Neanderthalism: Handmade Art Materials from your Backyard Workshop

Saturday, May 31st OR Saturday, June 7th // 1-5pm
at Machine Project
$70 for members // $80 for non-members
CLICK HERE to sign up for the June 7th session.
May 31st session is sold out! CLICK HERE to be put on the waitlist.


Interested in making inexpensive art supplies using materials you gather in your backyard? Want to learn to heat water or cook in a solar oven that costs less than $10 to make? Like to learn about pigments and dyes native to the area? Then this workshop with artist and Neanderthal enthusiast Katie Herzog is for you!

You will be introduced to the messy joy of making egg tempera paint, drawing charcoal, and dyes from California native plants and kitchen scraps. This four hour workshop will serve as an introduction to a variety of fun and easy techniques you can continue to use at home. You will make and take home a car sunshade solar cooker, egg tempera paint, and a hand-dyed silk scarf. At then end, you will also be provided with a list of related books and resources available at the Los Angeles Public Library for continued education.

We will provide you with a list of kitchen scraps like coffee grounds and onion skins to bring if you would like to make dye from them, and you are welcome to bring colorful dirt or soft rocks to crush up and use as pigment.

No previous knowledge required. Participants should be 14 years or older.